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Last week we began learning about intervals and how to recognize them aurally. We also learned about musical modes, like Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Ionian, etc. We are studying Gregorian chants. The kids got to compose their own chants. We chose 6 notes from the Ionian mode to compose our melodies. We use 3 specific tools to create interest in the chant. Syllabic (1 note per syllable), nuematic (2 -12 notes per syllable), and melismatic (13+ notes per syllable). The kids then get to choose a phrase or quote or word that has meaning to them and we translate it into Latin to use as the lyrics to the chant. There have been some really haunting melodies coming from these chants.

​Disney Trip:

* Please wear comfortable and warm clothing for Disney. It will be a high of 67* Wear good shoes, please no flip-flops.

*Unfortunately we will not get to perform as Disney has a requirement of at least 20 kids in order for us to perform. We only have 14 students going, but we will still be attending the workshop and behind the scenes tour to learn how and why Disney uses Music the way they do. It will be informational and fun! ​No Phones​ allowed during this workshop. They must be kept in your backpacks or bags. Chaperones may use phones or cameras to take pictures.

*Please remember to pack a lunch for the ride over.

*Disney allows bottle water, hydro-flasks, and snacks to be brought into the park so if you want to pack them to take inside, you are welcome too, just NO glass containers.

Thank you,

Mrs. Filimaua